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Power of the Portable Offer – Increase your ROI

Everyone has seen them: the little credit card shaped coupon glued to the inside of a direct mail piece with an offer to purchase and save money. It has the customer ID barcode on it so the retailer knows when you transact and what you bought. These little guys are expensive to produce relative to even the largest of postcards. So why do retailers mail hundreds of millions of these? Because they work.

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UV Offset: Quality, Speed and Price

In today’s competitive marketplace, marketing leaders crave the most recent purchasing data before making a final decision on the offer, circulation or items promoted. To achieve last minute decisions and still be in market on time, marketers need a print vendor that can shorten the production time and increase the speed to market for direct mail and other promotional materials. While there are many levers to pull that can influence speed, few are as game changing as Komori’s new 8 color UV perfecting press.

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